University of Waterloo Amateur Radio Club


The University of Waterloo Amateur Radio Club is a club at the University of Waterloo for exploring the amateur radio hobby. The club is open to all students of the University, for both those who are licensed and those who are not.

The club callsign is VE3UOW.

Radio Operation

Our club is using a simplex frequency of 446.100MHz with a CTCSS tone of 131.8Hz for on-campus communications.


The club meets on most Fridays at 6:00PM in E2 4402. Anyone is welcome to attend a club meeting. If you don't know where to go, please contact us and we'll show you the way.

We perform many different activities at our meetings, including:

A license is not required to participate in most activities as licensed members can allow non-licensed members to operate the radio with their supervision.